Why is he giving me the cold shoulder?

I noticed he was being flaky ever since we hooked up (not sex) so I acted like i didn't care and began taking awhile to reply after he texted me the other day.. i stopped responding when the convo wasn't going anywhere. I haven't seen him since he didn't go to class, so I'm not sure, but it seems like he's giving me the cold shoulder since i haven't heard from him or perhaps he's not interested?


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  • From personal experience.. if he isn't willing to chase you a little bit, then he isn't really interested.


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  • If a man is interested he will pursue; sit back BUT don’t wait look around at the landscape focus on others….. YOU have a life, it doesn’t revolve around ONE. You’re NOT married to this man and even if you were you’d still be your own person and he would be a part of your soul…. Follow? When they call; be friendly. When they text; text back if you have time…. Meaning if you’re in the middle of talking to another friend standing in front of you … you’re busy…. That friend is important, not the one on a 4 ounce phone. You are correct, when the conversation isn’t going anywhere walk away from it. Read the website on some of the common mistakes woman make on texting, believe me we make many that irritate men. I was guilty of many and have stopped. Since he didn’t show up to class, hes’ busy…. So are you… if not, get busy today! With anything, make plans … I know its hard, but don’t sit around waiting …. they know when you’re doing that. Know how? When they text after several days and you jump on it, they ask what have you been doing? “oh nothing, bored….” That tells a man you’re in his back pocket, you can set on the shelf, he doesn’t have to chase you…. that other girl over there is a challenge so he will chase her and come back to you when he’s not so busy or not with another… harsh as this sounds…ask a man if I’m not right. They hunt…. Its instinctual – they can't help themselves.