I'm actually feeling lonely as a single woman, and this worries me. What should I do?

I Married my high school sweetheart and never have actually dated. We divorced and it was hard for me to leave because he was all I knew and I was afraid to be alone. So I stayed in something toxic for too long.

So, after that, I have been fine and great as a single woman. But now I feel lonely after 2 years. I feel like it would be nice to have someone else in my life to share experiences and have experiences and do things with, share love with etc.

But it scares me. I don't know why aside from my above reasoning as to why I stayed in a bad relationship that I am fighting it. I worry about getting into a bad relationship again and staying.

I don't know if it's a silly fear or not. I've ended contacts with people that things didn't work out well, just talking, but it showed me I could do it if I had to.

I just worry. I had a picture of me having this full rich life on my own, and THEN a significant other. I don't have that full rich life yet. I'm still at the same job I always contemplate leaving. I am only at a crawl making friends and going out (I am a homebody but don't enjoy it).

I feel I have more work to do on myself, but am I just denying myself hapiness?

Thanks, all!!
Well, the feeling has gone and I'm back to being focused on me and what makes me happy


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  • You have outlined a good list for change. Print it out and work on what needs to be done to achieve it.

    For happiness we need:

    Something to do.
    Something to look forward to.
    Someone to love.
    Someone to love us.

    Just work slow with relationships and drop any bozos that come up as soon as they show their ugly faces.


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  • That sounds pretty normal to me. You do have more work to do on yourself, but you should start going out and meeting more people. Being social and meeting new people is a part of working on yourself. You don't need to marry the first guy that comes alone. Not going out to meet anyone, will get really depressing.

  • Listen am single and I need a woman that is nice and sexy. So if anyone intersting let me know

  • Remember that was then and this is now. You're a different person these days and if you choose to end a relationship you have the power to do so. People stay together as long as they're happy. Get out there, you're under no obligation so enjoy the search.


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  • its okay many failures lead to something better in near future! have faith divert your energy into something that you like !

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