His ex trying to lure him back? What do I do?

This guy and I have been friends/casual dating for a while now, but last year he broke it off with me to go back to his ex, which caused a rift between us. Now he's back for a few months and his ex is now back again with another tactic to lure him back, she's showing up at the places she knows he'll be etc. Now I am tempted to just leave this guy and not have to worry about him going back to her cause I'm afraid he will... but I don't know if I should do that or wait to see how it plays out? How do i know if he's over her?


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  • Depends on his feeling levels for her. Only he knows those and I doubt he'd be honest with you if he's already once left for her. If you love and care let it play out, and if he goes back never talk to him again.

    Its childish of him that he didn't admit his feelings for her to you prior to the start of the relationship... I'm just recently out of mine and while I got broke up with badly, part of me knows deep down if she came calling and was making an effort. I'd leave just about anyone (and she's a terrible person lol). So as I've been talking to girls I let them know where my head is at. Some have said lets be friends but they know I'm not trying to hurt them because honestly when you get attached to someone and they treat you like shit/don't value you, and you're making all the effort its a shitty feeling, and I'm trying not to do that to someone else.

    Only you can decide whats best for you. But remember put yourself first, otherwise you could find yourself a year or two into this thing with the same, drama, same stress and be nowhere but deeply invested and end up getting hurt (like me).

    Good luck!


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  • Hmmmm Should I stay with a guy who can't make up his mind and has left me once for her... Or should at least PRETEND to have a modicum of self respect and leave him?

    hmmmm decisions decisions!


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