How does a guy act around the girl he finds attractive?

do they act a certain way? is there any way to find out?


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  • there's several reactions.

    Reaction 1. He will avoid you at all costs. He won't bat an eye at you and do anything in his power to avoid eye contact while you look even remotely in his direction. Some would even walk away from you.

    Reaction 2. He'll seem quife nervous and maybe quite awkward. Possibly say a few awkward questions like "can I borrow a pencil" and possibly try to say another question a few minutes after out of pure nervousness.

    3. Reaction 3. He'll go up and talk to you. Usually this will happen when your in an interesting class or situation where you have something to talk about. Maybe in animation class he may ask about your animation, but in more of a lecture class may say less.

    Reaction 4. He may stare at you like a complete creep. Its because he likes you and is trying to think of something to say, or sees you as eye candy and knows you won't say anything to him about it so continues to stare, possibly looking for eye contact back.

    Reaction 5. Maybe he'll give you tons of complements or maybe joke around with you a bit as well. Maybe tease you a little bit.

    Personally my reaction currently is between 2 and 3... i'll be honest a little 4 too but not when they notice and not in a creepy way.

    • I remember working out like crazy to impress a chick once too, buying cologne and wearingy nicest clothes around her as well. So it doesn't even have to be face to face.

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    • still didn't ask her out -_-

    • wow do it already or are u waiting for the girl to ask you -.-

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  • Mind will be distracted while talking to you

    • what do you mean

    • Meaning in conversation, he will forget what he was talking to you about. I do this when I like a girl because I am thinking about how beautiful she is. Like day dreaming about someone

  • ya guys do act differently towards the girls they like instead of the way they normally do. and its differnt depending on the guy and how much he likes the girl

    • oh so i can never find out

  • Like an idiot, lol.. if he's doing things he thinks will impress you, he most likely likes you


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  • Hmm a few guys would act like show offs, others will just be quiet and quite nervous around your presence, others would be touch feely. It's sometimes hard to distinguish that, but you will figure it out over time

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