Why did he gave me a bad face?

I'm dating a guy, been about 2-3 months. I usually pay for myself and sometimes offer to pay for him too. One time in the restaurant I told the server to give a separate bill, cuz I just dont like idea of him paying for me a lot. I want to seem independent and not desperate for his money, I usually ask for separate bills but he always offers to pay half. But when I said that to the server he gave me a face, kinda like a bad face (not server)

the face was kinda like "you're a b**** "


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  • Because he wanted to show you how much of a gentleman he was, he wanted to give off a signal.. perhaps that he liked you. I hate it when people are like this haha, but I can be very consistent. If I say I'll pay.. I pay ;)

  • He can't understand you!!! Why you pay for yourself?
    You shouldn't be that much sensitive and proud to be yourself..
    I like your type of girls :)

    • i dont know, they say if you're not you'll get walked over & taken advantage of. It's like you gotta show you're smart

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