So date number 8 I think in a month?

I have been on 8 or 9 dates with this guy I really like. We laugh and talk about everything. He met my kid because he wanted too and he said if meet his soon. So why is he going on the online dating site when he leaves my house. My friend has an account and sees him on often and now he's made his pics private. Maybe so he can't be noticed as easily? What do I do? I really like him and he texts me all day from good morning to good night every single day. Which I love. I feel like We click well but why is he on the site messaging girls still. Yes he messaged my friend.

So now at 10 dates in 4 weeks and texting every morn and nite but tonight he usually comesc over but tonight made other plans? And hadsnr answered my text in 3 hrs. It has taken him 15 mins max over last month. I hate this. Should I just put up a new profile on saying site?


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  • Goes on site afterwards - he is still fishing and still unsure you are The One... yes, even after 8 dates

    Many indicate they are "on line" these days but it's only their computer screen keeping them company like turning on a light or lighting a fireplace.

    Making photos private is actually a GOOD thing, so he can continue to shop these B-class gals and not offend his A-class gal (you)

    Texting all day = he can't live without you, even loves you but history taught him not to put all his eggs in one basket b/c one slip and it's a mess and he hates being that lonely... ever again. He wants to be REALLY sure THIS time.

    Messaging others? Think about this as a party. He will not ignore others, even though he prefers to sit with and talk to you mostly. To counter with - well, why not guys - I would say, maybe some guys as friends but he's lonely & shopping gals right now - be they seen as friends or more.

    It's odd to me to think anyone would be such a strong magnet that they could block out the sun/others from the view & comms of their SO... is this something you've been blessed with prior?

    • Thank you for this answer. However what do you mean by your last paragraph?

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    • 12 dates later he asked me to meet his kids and go to fam party with him. His Profile is still up. And he Messaged my friend wanting to chat. Hmm. Wtf.

    • Meeting the kids is not something he thinks of as getting closer to engagement... like you do. If this is true, then you might have some issues with his thinking

  • It's hard to be sure how serious he is about you. I think the best thing to do is to ask him (perhaps subtly) how he feels things are going between you. 8 dates is quite a few so it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect that your dating is exclusive at that point (or at least he shouldn't be surprised if you request that).

    He may be talking to other people in case you lose interest, that way he'll be able to move on to someone else more easily. (This is something I've done, it makes it easier to deal with a girl losing interest out of the blue.) Alternatively it is quite possible that he is just not interested in a serious relationship and is trying to 'play the field'. I think it's hard to tell exactly what's going through his head and I think you should try to talk to about where you're going - I'm sure you've let him know that you're after a relationship of sorts.

    • That kinda makes sense. However he tried to set up a date with my friend. He does not know that I know about it. Last night after he left my house he made his pics private. So the public couldn't see them. I have told him I only date one guy at a time on ourlast date and last night he said he likes hanging out with me that I'm down to earth and that I will meet his kids soon. He is getting out of a 10yr+ relationship so perhaps he's a bit nervous? I have never in my life been this confused about a guy.

    • Perhaps you could ask your friend if she can ask him if he's currently seeing anyone, you might be able gauge his intentions by that. It don't think it's a great sign that he's trying to actually meet someone else when he's already been on so many dates with you. He could conceivably be nervous, but it's hard to tell, he might just be a jerk. Hope it works out for you.

    • She did and said he was talking to someone for a few weeks but there was no connection. But how is there no connection but he's still wanting to see me? I have never been more confused in my life.

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