Did I already mess up my chances? Or can I still fix it?

There's this girl I really like. We had something a few months ago. She liked and I liked her until I told her we were moving way too fast and blamed her. She got harsh and never talked to me again. It was my first relationship and I didn't see the harm in it for asking her to slow down. She said it reminded her of her ex of how I worded the situation and approached her which is why she turned cold. I mean yes I asked for sex and her to kiss me but she was asking me to meet her friends and for dates and if she were to meet my family (her ex made her meet them on the first date). So now few months later she looks hotter and I feel like I'm ready to start something with her. Is it too late to fix what happened in the past? Do you think she'll forget?


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  • I doubt she'll forget. This situation seems pretty messed up as of now. Its a possibility that if you try to become friends with her first, and take it slowly, and make sure not to blame her for anything, she might reconsider her choice of leaving you. Don't come on too strong and be sweet, kind, and act like a gentleman. Good luck!

    • I tried texting her but she doesn't answer. I'm a jock so I don't know what her problem is.

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  • serenade her : The something special by Bouncing Souls

    jk it's worth a try though. i dunno. :-) im bad at this stuff , i have no clue why i commented


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