Liking a girl that has the qualities that I dislike?

I have a huge crush on a girl that has a sarcastic and mean personality, a wide nose, and likes attention... Which are the qualities that I find unattractive. I can't see why I like her, since she is the exact opposite of my ideal fantasy. But I'm pretty sure I like her. I don't think she's pretty, but I like (?) her face more than any other pretty faces. I dislike people who craves attention, but I want to give her attention. I find girls with a fat point on their nose unattractive, but her nose seems very attractive.
Have you guys ever experienced this? Or am I just going crazy?

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  • I haven't really delt with it myself, but I've seen some of my friends go through something similar (my best friend even developed feelings for her former bully). It's definitely possible because it does make sense that you find someone the opposite of what you usually go for interesting, but in this case I'm not sure if it's a good idea to persue it because of her mean streak. However, on terms of the whole looks aspect I think that although people tend to search for a perfect 'ideal' we end up usually seeing the beauty in others who don't necessarily fit the bill and finding them more striking because of it. I assure you that aren't going crazy at all, honestly it's pretty common for someone to develop feelings for people outside their normal dating zone. Good luck with everything xxx


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  • Have a crush on a guy. I think he is a jerk, most girls tell me he's nothing special or he's a jerk. A hndful of girls and most guys say he's nice. He is just so rude to me and he has low grades but his eyes and his face are just *-* on point.

  • Yeah.. been on that situation right now.. i mean he's attractive physically (to think I am not easily swoon with the looks but much more with an intelligent person and good personality). Just that it's his attitude that i don't like. He's like a pregnant woman that had sudden mood swings. There are times that he's sweet and all then just sarcastically approach you. It's very confusing but I don't know.. I still like him knowing all the qualities I hate on a guy (-_-)

  • Yes it can happen :) I have felt this way but I later realized that it was attraction rather than an actual interest :)

  • You're not going crazy. Everyone has crushes on people that they don't know why they like them. Its a normal thing. Usually, they will come and go. Not easily, but eventually. Just wait it out.


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