I'm attracted to girl in my Bible study group in college but she graduated... Does age matter when it comes to dating (especially in this scenario)?

Title says it all. I think she's really cute. she always looks my way and always taking quick looks at me every now and then. she even smiled at me during bible study today but i know she's just being friendly. Probably wanna just find out about who i am but i think she's cute and im feeling some attraction. I'm a freshman by the way and she graduated. she just comes there for bible studies on tuesdays and thursdays. Im 19 and my best bet is that she's probably 23 but she definitely is above 22. Should age be a problem? Should I go for it? Should I back off because of the age difference? would welcome your thoughts and opinions!


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  • If neither of you think that age is a barrier then it's fine :) in my church there's heaps of couples around my age who have partners that are older or younger by around the same age gap. My only advice would be first find out if she's interested :)


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