Guys pls tell me why any guy who thinks a girl is wife material he still won't commit?

why is it that every guy i meet tells me I'm beautiful sexy have a good head on my shoulder , smart, wife material. yet they never want to date…… i don't get it. is it me or is it them? and this last guy i was talking to for a few months.. same thing he got distant and now we don't even talk anymore. i just give up. i feel like i waste time and effort and it never goes anywhere even though there always act wowed when they meet me and hang out with me.


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  • A lot of guys at your age have been burned bad by women and marriage.
    It has cost them tens of thousands of dollars and anguish to get out of relationships.
    Fake restraining orders, child support, alimony, and other horrors have guys running scared.
    MOST if not all of guys I know are quite disillusioned by the way relationships have worked out for them.
    So it is only reasonable to assume that these guys are afraid of getting screwed over again.


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  • One simple answer and that is 'they aren't husband material' :-)

    I'm not trolling - I mean it :-)

  • Because he's not ready to settle down. Guys have a strong drive to mate with lots of girls, whether we're able or not.


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