Dating someone you want to change, is it worth it?

So there's this guy I've been dating for a little while. I know he smokes which is a no for me, and I've noticed he's an angry driver which I don't like.

Whenever he's driving he gets so antsy, he starts cursing for the smallest of things and just keeps horning other drivers and stuff. I mean really? I truly can't stand it. On the other hand, he is very sweet. I was sick the last time he saw me (had a cold). He decided to make me soup and tea, and made sure I was feeling better. He didn't care I was sick, he just wanted to take care of me which was very sweet.

However, is the whole driving getting mad thing a red flag, saying he has anger issues? I mean, his best friend, who happens to be my good friend too (we met through him), is a little like that. He gets angry while driving but he's a great guy aside from that obnoxious behavior. Should I talk to him about it and work it out or should I take that as a warning for his future behavior with me?


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  • about the driving and anger issues it depends on the person. i'm an angry driver but i'm not an angry person. you'd just have to keep an eye on it. i will say though if something like smoking is not what you want why are you dating him? you can't change someone. people don't change. whether they think they can or you think they can or not people don't change. you're better off looking for somebody who fits your wants a little better. now if this is something you can look over then don't worry about it. smoking and angry driving aren't the worst things but if you feel you can't handle it you don't have to just because he's nice. there's other nice people.

    • you're right. I can deal with the smoking if he decides to quit otherwise no. Taking it from there, I don't see a future for us.

    • Then give up. If you can't see a future, don't try to make one.

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  • You never date someone you want to change.

    DonĀ“t trye to be a heroe for him, he will keep being the same because he feels comfortable with who he are. And his behavior is a red flag for you.


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