I met the perfect guy, should I tell him I like him or wait for him to make a move?

We are both 19 and we met at university. He is literally everything that I want in a guy. He is smart, funny, respectful. He's a virgin and he said he wants to 'wait for the right girl', which is super sweet. He is very responsible, he already owns his own apartment. He's super organised and clean. He's also really hot, he works out every day. He is a math/physics major, and he's really passionate about math which is really nerdy but it's also really cute haha. He spends most of his time at the library studying so I've started meeting him there so we can study together.

I kinda feel like he's too good for me. He hasn't really expressed interest, and I don't know if he will but I want to date him. Should I tell him or wait and see if he makes a move? My girlfriends think it's weird for a girl to make the first move, but I don't want to miss out. I feel like it would be weird for me to tell him because he's sort of out of my league.

  • Tell him I like him as more than a friend.
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  • Tell him I like him and ask him on a date.
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  • Wait for him to make the first move.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • You will always miss 100% of the shots that you don't take.
    If you don't tell him that you like him, you will regret it, however things turn out.

    If you truly feel like he's perfect, then go get him girl! ;)

    I voted A


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What Guys Said 3

  • If you truly feel like he's the perfect guy for you then why risk him meeting someone else why you sit on your hands? Ask him out. You've nothing to lose.

  • First of all no guy is "too good for you". That's ridiculous. He isn't better than you.

    Ask him for a date.

  • Gee what a surprise he's good looking. And yet girls on here tell me they don't care about looks. Anyways I voted A.


What Girls Said 2

  • There's no such thing as a guy being "too good for you" got that? You could have any guy you want ok? Remember that.

    Ask him out! You don't have to pour your heart and soul out to him, but just be like "you know.. you're really cute! wanna go bowling?" or whatever activity you want to do doesn't matter. Just compliment him and ask him to go somewhere with you most guys would be just be happy that a girl called them cute.

    Unfortunately, a lot of guys are kinda slow when it comes to picking up romantic hints ESPECIALLY when they don't get a lot of girls so waiting could really mess you up. It took me so long to realize this. You don't know how many guys have messaged me and were like "you know I really had a crush on you in middle/high school" and it's just like oh gee thanks... Too bad you didn't freaking ask me out! I was crazy about you.

    Seriously, nothing feels worse than finding out in 5 years time that he liked you. Go for it now or forever hold your peace

  • Hey definitely wait for him to make a move. May be he's shy but he needs to put in a little more effort if he wants to be with you. Don't ever feel that someone is too good for you. Guys can often tell when a girl is crazy about them and you wouldn't want to be that girl so play it cool. Be friendly yet flirty just to give a hint that you're interested.