When a guy asks you how do you feel about him on third date?

We're on our third date at my place watching a movie and we have a passionate kiss and right in the middle of it, he asks me how I feel about him!

I like him a lotttt but I didn't want to seem easy so I said let's see how this goes, its too early to say. He panicked at that point and said I want you to be honest with me if you have like three boyfriends or something. I laughed and said no I don't do that.

Do you think I messed up? Should I tell him I really like him? I didn't because in the past guys have disappeared after I've confessed I like them. Help me out :(


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  • You didn't mess up.

    This guy sounds like he's really hoping that you like him. Pretty much the opposite of the guys you scared away. It's up to you if you feel like telling him you like him or simply wait. It will come up naturally, either way.


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