Im Pregnant. How do I tell my boyfriend?

Been with my boyfriend for 12 months, and we have discussed the future a lot and things like marriage, but he has always clearly stated that he doesn't want kids until he's at least 28. I've been feeling pretty sick for the last few weeks, so I went to the doctors and I was then told I was 3 months pregnant. Yes, 3 months. We are only 21 and I am so worried he will just leave me or get upset with me, I honestly didn't know until now. I also feel kinda horrible within myself because i didn't realise earlier, and I have been drinking etc. How can I tell him and do you have any other advice?


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  • You have been these two birds of a feather for a year now, sweetie. And with sticking together, sometimes a bit of Unexpected news comes that no one expects to hear, dear, and may cause the nest to rustle a bit. However, as the old saying goes-----You both made your bed, now you must Both lie in it.
    You need to sit him down and lay your baby bulletin on the line here. It's apparent and obvious and most likely even to the expectant father that someone forgot to put their raincoat on. However, it doesn't have to go south nor go dead in the water. If he loves you enough you both as two peas in this pod and even More so Now, put your heads together and work through this blessed event. No, I don't believe he will leave you. It's just that the little one will be here before his Own----Expected date that he himself had planned down the road.
    Good luck, relax... and congrats.. xxoo


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  • there are no games to play here... you gotta just sit him down and tell him. i doubt he will be upset. i didn't want to be a dad at 21 until i was told i was going to be one

  • You just have to come out and tell him. hopefully he'll be decent about it.


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  • Just tell him.

    Rip that bandaid off.

  • dont tell him babe believe me he will leave your ass