How long should I wait for him to make contact with me before giving up on him?

I asked out the guy I like a month ago. We've been messaging and hanging out since then, but I've mostly been initiating all of it - once he messaged me first and once he asked me to hang out. So a few days ago, I decided to not make contact with him and see if he would care enough to contact me first. It's been 4 days and he hasn't messaged or called or invited me to hang out with him. How much longer should I wait before giving up on him? Or do you think this is silly for me to do? Consider that he is a shy guy but I have been very clear about how I like him very much and he shouldn't be nervous around me (if he likes me) since I've made it obvious that I like him. I also said to him that I wanted to split the contact initiation 50/50 because "I don't want to become more invested than what you're interested in" and he agreed to that.

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  • It sounds like the 'shy guy' is also a Slow guy and doesn't care neither way if he talks to you or not, hangs out with you tomorrow or even today... he doesn't have enough gas in his tank that I feel it takes to even be a friend who gives a rat's behind, sweetie.
    You have way too much on the ball to be bothering with a junk car that may never go anywhere. Give him another shot and just say hi and let him respond to that. If he puts you on his pay no mind list, put yourself in First gear, your peddle to the meddle and hit the road for someone who has More----Drive.
    Good luck. xx

    • What kind of response should I expect if he is interested? When should I message him - in a few days?

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    • We went on a date :)

    • Ohhhhh, what a wonderful way to wake up this Sunday morning, sweetie..:)) xxoo

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  • Wow, what a loser! Go find yourself a real man who cares about real life and shows a willingness to share his life with you! You know one of my fondest memories with my last girlfriend was us goofing around at the park together. We were rolling around in the grass together, going on the swing sets, acting like teenage goofballs in love. But we both felt so alive! You need a man like that! One who can scoop you up off your feet, make you feel more alive than you've ever been and give you special memories to treasure! Not this loser who can't see beyond his own video game controller!

  • I'd say a week of nothing from him is enough for you to know he's just not that into you.


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