Girls.. What you like to receive as a gift for your anniversary?

What do girls want?
I want to surprise my girlfriend because I want to make her happy.
Geez.. HELP!

Any suggestions will do.


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  • Think of something that only means something to both of you - something that would trigger a memory such as your first date or when you first met. It has more meaning. If not, jewelery is nice as well as a romantic evening out. Or you could cook her dinner - girls love a guy who can cook! If you don't know what i mean I'll give you an example... when my mom got sick we weren't sure how long she would live so for her anniversary my dad bought her a forget-me-not glass flower figurine to show her that he would never forget her. Think about memories you've shared and what made you drawn to her in the first place... find something that represents that. Its sentimental.


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  • food
    jewelry if the dude has good taste. if he doesn't, PASS. :p

    just saw your age...
    hmmm. plan a nice date with her.

  • I love chocolate. I would love to have box of chocolate! :)
    But lately I heard growing up a tree with her name as a gift. I love nature. This would melt my heart.
    I would love to be invited to a play, museum sth like that too :)

  • What I want may not be what your girlfriend wants or even the next girl. I want things that genuinely come from the heart. Things that show that they pay attention to me such as getting something in my favorite color. So it just depends on your girlfriend. What does she like and what is she like as a person?

  • i would really like to receive
    nice lingerie
    or just spend some time with my loved ones

  • I got a gold plated bracelet for mine, I was really touched by it :")


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