Guy seems interested... but I have to hint at dates?

Hi! I met this guy off tinder and we talked for two weeks and had lots of shared interest. But I always seem to be the one to message him first and then suggested it'd be nice to meet up when he then said okay let's meet up this Monday for coffee. I didn't hear from him all that weekend to confirm and sent him a text on that Monday saying 'hi looking forward to seeing you' which he immediately replied. On the date he said he was looking forward to getting to know me and suggested mini golf next time. He texted me later that night saying he had a great time and the next day as well saying hi.

But I didn't hear anything for two days so I texted him last night and we chatted for a bit and then I was like 'so what about that mini golf' and he said 'we totally should' and i said 'were you going to plan a date lol'... and then he suggested next Wed as he is busy this weekend and away early next week. He does seem responsive to our contact and meeting but except for right after our first date, it seems i have to initiate contact or hint at meeting up... Not sure if he's really interested or being polite :(

Thanks everyone! I've decided to stop stressing and go on more dates and see what happens... :)


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  • Ma'am your beating a half-limp dick. There should be no question in your mind that he is hot for you. If you like him, keep him as a friend. But you need to keep looking for your love.

    Here is a quote from Cartier-Bresson on photography.

    "Yes... Yes... Yes... photography is like that and there's no maybes. All the maybes go to the trash. There is a tremendous enjoyment in saying yes, even if it is for something you hate. It is an affirmation... Yes!"

    Relate this to your love life. No maybes, no G@G polls, no confusion and guessing... only YES!

    Good luck!


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  • He's no doubt texting a dozen other girls. He's interested, but you're not going to hear from all that often while he's playing such a bif field!

    That's a problem with dating sites.

    Also, a lot of people aren't going to ever ask you on a traditional formal 'date.' Instead, meet at some event, go running together, something not so formalized...

    • Yes, esp if they are short on $.

    • Well, there's that. Guys don't want to get into the game of competing or bidding on girls, when they know they'll lose THAT game!

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  • your interest level is way higher than his. he is more than likely talking to a buttload of different women and planning hookups, not dates at starbucks. I think he's being nice and trying to keep ur interest w/o rejecting you but he doesn't like you too much. if you didn't initiate contact he wouldn't talk to you, I bet. delete his number and find a guy who is just as excited about you as you are him