Guys:do you like shy girls?

Ian a fairly shy girl I don't talk to much at school but have a lot of friends who iam able to talk to
I have a boy at my school who is really confident and is always looking at me as if he fancies me and I thought it was strange how he would flirt with me and not the more confident girls who he teases
I do talk to this boy we have a good laugh when we are around each other
So do guys find shy girls attractive?


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  • Yes, as a girl you're fortunate in that shyness does not repel the other gender. A lot of dudes actually find it very alluring. If you're a hot girl, you're good to go, regardless what hangups you may have. Guys have it harder because girls don't want us if we're shy. They take that as a sign of weakness and a lack of masculinity. We have to have about a dozen different qualities to attract girls, girls just have to be cute.


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  • I'm into confidence and a powerful sense of self. Shyness annoys me (probably because I used to be shy, and we all hate most that which we hate about ourselves).

    That said, I am not everyone. Plenty of guys will be into you.

    • I suppose the boy I like is very confident soo maybe he likes me cause I'm shy cause he doesn't like anyone being as confident as him

  • Yes. Coyness is hot.


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  • That is something that is specific from person to person; most poles will show in this day in age that confident women are more common, and most magazines will feature guys claiming that this is their preference due to their translucent behavior (meaning they are easier to understand and presumably more adventurous). Some guys, such as this situation suggests, prefer the more delicate dames, which is completely fine. As long as he likes you for you, that's all that matters, but I'd say it's safe for you to assume you should consider everyone as an individual, and that each guy will like different qualities.

  • I am very shy and lucky for me, guys like me.
    Actually girls pretty much do too.
    I really don't have any real enemies I an aware of.

    However, once I know people I can be a chatter box.

    • Guys like you because you're beautiful. However it's quite difficult for us to figure out the woman in front of us when she is closed off and too shy to be able to properly communicate with. Men like confident women because they are easier to understand and get to know (especially if they just want sex). Shy girls are very sweet but it takes a lot more time and effort. You got to give us a chance or we lose hope. I always say I like confident women more and for some reason always go for the shy ones. Go figure :)

    • Yeah once I get to know someone I get more confident thanks

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