If a guy says he still wants to talk to you does he still mean it?

If you ask a guy if he still wants to talk and he says yes, does he mean it? been talking to this guy for few weeks. LONG story short, a little drama happened between us and I kinda felt after problem was resolved (not getting into details) that we possibly would just go our separate ways. So I sent him a text sayin how I still liked him and wanted to talk to him but understood if he didn’t wanna talk to me and that I was sorry about what happened and to take care. Then couple hours later he texted that he was still down to talk to me. But idk, I kinda feel like maybe things are different now? We don’t communicate how we use to and not sure if he meant that or not. But I told him in text if he didn’t want to that I understood so he could have left it alone if he didn’t wanna continue talking. Do guys say they still wanna talk to you even if they don’t mean it? I mean if lost interest why respond to practically a farewell text? His response was "shit im still down to talk !"


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  • I personally don't play games. If I say I'd still like to talk then thats what I mean.


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  • Maybe he just wants to be your friend or just talk to you? Usually when there's a fallout between two people nothing is the same as it use to be so you shouldn't exactly expect him to be up to par with the old ways.


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  • It will be awkward if you make it awkward, try not to make a big deal out of it and move past it and he will probably too. Just play it cool, act like it didn't happen, talk the way you used to. Get over it, past is the past, leave it there.

    • ok but we were texting mid conversation (which no big deal happened before thats how fresh relationship still is) do i let him text me first now? i mean, think i will and if he doesn't reach back out then it is what it is. I dont wanna chase him ya know.

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    • I would text him, let him know things don't have to be awkward. . Say something funny.

    • ok. thanks.