Coming home from school?

My bf and I are both 22 and in college we have been together for 1.5 years
I go to school 6 hours from home and he goes to school 2 hours from home. We met at school. About every 2 or 3 weekends or so he goes home usually I go with him unless I have a ton of school work or some thing but I'm always welcome. This time he tells me I'm going home this weekend and I say OK cool I need to get away from this campus for a bit and hr didn't really say anything after that. Usually he says something like yeah me too I can't wait but he looked at me kind of awkwardly and didn't say anything. I always am welcome to come with him as I should be after this length of time. When I brought it up to him later he was just like I thought you had a lot of school work this weekend implying he doesn't want me to go. Should I talk to him and ask him why all of a sudden he doesn't want me to come? What should I say? I'm feeling nervous about the whole thing.


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  • Before you start assuming that he doesn't want you to come with him, I'd make sure that these assumptions are actually correct. I would do this by openly asking him if he wants to go home by himself this weekend, and reassuring him that it's COMPLETELY FINE either way.

    If it is in fact true that he wants to go home by himself this weekend, then you should accept this. Allow him his space for some time. It's not necessarily a bad thing that he wants to be by himself for some time. It's natural for him to feel this way every once in a while. Maybe he just wants to hang out with friends back home, and he knows he cannot do this if he brings you along.

    My advice would be to not overreact to this. There's no guarantee that he actually feels this way for sure yet, and if he does, it's not that big of deal anyways. He still loves you!


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