How many reasons are there challenge?

Gagers-I want to challenge you by seeing how many reasons you can come up with for why a guy or girl would ask someone out-but then let the relationship drop off. Be creative. Make up a funny story if you have to. I don't want numbers-I want as many incidents and reasons as you can list. How many can you list? The one with the MOST WINS!!! Ready, set, post!


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  • Okay, SO

    Its a cold dark night, Juliet is roaming the breezy alley way streets alone. A wind lifts a squashed tin can up, off of the ground and blows it across the floor. Juliet screams, then settles upon realisation. She carries on with her swift pace, her head cowled in a scarf that she holds tight against her head and shoulders, allowing it to drape over her shoulders; protecting her from the wintery rain.

    A seemingly shallow puddle catches her out, she expects a small drop and instead, to her surprise, plunges her foot and leg into the murky collection of water. She curses. Her flat shoe and tights now drenched and the panic of stain causes Juliet to dash onto the main street.

    Juliet takes a couple of steps onto the main pathway, still cursing under her breath with discontent tattoo'd on her face in expression. A cheerful man steps out of a high-street shop without looking and knocks right into Juliet, knocking her off balance.

    She starts to fall, un-naturally slow, like the matrix, or even a closing bridge and the man catches her in his bearish grasp. Juliet stops struggling and rests her hands on his waist and breaks the silence with "mate, are you going to stand me up? orrrr?". With that, the man chuckles and in the most panty-dropping voice ever the man says "i'm ever so sorry" as he helps her to her feet. "I'm Alex by the way..." he continues. "Juliet" the girl replies. "thank you for saving me and all from that sheer drop... But I have somewhere to be..." Juliet adds and storms away, leaving her wet shoe behind. Alex stares at the shoe, "maybe she LET IT DROP", however, does not say anything. Alex chases after her and they end up chatting themselves into a relationship together.


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