Guys, honestly- have you kept in touch with a girl while having a girlfriend just in case for "down the road"?

I'm just curious how common this is. Do guys with girlfriends keep female friends for down the road in case they are single again?

I don't hold my breath and I'm not quite interested in the guy that has prompted me to ask this. But he's been quite diligent in rekindling our lost friendship. (Lost due to time and distance).



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  • I'll admit I have. I feel I have to. Not because I want to. I need a feeling of safety. Knowing thay someone out there cares.

    I hate being alone. I almost need to have someone for me to love. My girlfriend (well my ex now I guess) broke up with me about a month ago. I was crushed... Still am. Haven't moved on yet & I haven't been in a physical relationship since, but I have texted other girls. Just because I need to know that someone out there cares about me.

    Idk, hope thay made some kind of sense lol


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  • I have never done that. I am the complete opposite of keeping my options open. I am a loyal dog.

  • No, or why be in a relationship with her? Don't lead her on.


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