How to know to call it quits with a girl? am I being to clingy? Move on? leave her alone?

Thinking about calling this girl that never calls me back anymore. It has been three week since we talked on the phone. She been only replying by text. Before, she was texting me all the time. I have dated her twice. I felt chemistry but she been through a rough packet lately. Has not responded to my text for 9 days. she went from calling back right way to never calling me back. She seem frustrated with me because she told me when things get her down she doesn't like to communicate with any one. I want to call her this Saturday.

She told me in the beginning of October that she was sick and having a tough time. ( told me twice via text)


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  • Don't pursue her anymore. She may be either telling you the truth, or she is making excuses. She most likely doesn't want to upset you, but if you are confused about how she is feeling, chances are, she is too. Give her plenty of space to snap back, and in the meantime, keep your options open!

    • Should, I send her a picture of some flowers, no words?

    • No, I wouldn't send her anything at all, as hard as that may be. She will have to come around on her own time.

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