Will a shy guy who has good career aspirations but no experience with women ever get a girlfriend?

If he doesn't know any women or have any female friends. If yes, how? Since a woman won't just land in front of him.


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  • I can understand your situation, because when I was your age what you wrote could have described me. The problem with females in your age range is that most of them want the bad boys. The bad boys usually have a two-digit IQ, no prospects and no future outside of welfare housing or a trailer park, but the entertainment industry has programmed girls with the idea that the stereotypes portrayed by the likes of James Dean (someone your age might have to look up who he was) and the bad boy characters in any number of Hollyweird movies and television shows are the most desirable of men. Thus, in the mind of the young female a scumbag, who is a borderline sociopath and does not have a future, is their dream man. If you are white the situation is at its worst, because there are few creatures on this planet as stupid, impressionable and lacking in threat perception as the young white female. This is what serial killers such as Ted Bundy rely upon when they select their victims.
    If you are intelligent, educated, clean cut, well mannered and have a good future ahead of you, very few females in your age range are going to be interested. Sorry, but that is how it is. Females in this place will probably jump all over me for saying that, so try this to test my statement. Go to a nightclub, or any other social venue, sit in a corner and watch the girls. Watch how many decent looking young men approach them and are rejected. Then take note of how she reacts to the obvious scumbags. Odds are, she will reject plenty of decent young men all night (while complaining to her friends about "where are all the nice guys") and go home with a bad boy. Ignore what women say, watch what they do. There is a big difference.
    The best option for someone your age is to place yourself in situations in which you will be in proximity to a better class of young woman. Try the local churches, which almost certainly will have youth groups. Get involved in amateur theatre.

    • What about voluntary work?

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    • When did I say I got drunk in bars? I'm saying women who do should obviously be careful but they have just as much a right to get drunk in a bar as a man. you're a pathetic loser who is over 45 and still has yet to learn a thing about how to talk to a woman. good luck to you, you're gonna need it.

    • oh and by the way, want to know my ACTUAL choices instead of assuming them? I am a college graduate who is now in graduate school and I work in a successful art gallery. I have a boyfriend who treats me wonderfully, and a loving family. My choices have served me well, tattoos, piercings and all. oh and guess what? I've gotten drunk a few times and it hasn't ruined my life: SURPRISE!

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  • There is someone out there for u I'm sure... gotta get out more and socialize. Also I don't agree with the status thing. As long as the guy is decent and nice I will give him a chance. Start out by talking to a girl by making a general conversation and then take it. From there. People start out as friends first

  • If you can master the art of behaving like a completely obnoxious, loud, self worshiping blowhard you will have them eating out of your hand, Sad but true!

  • Hmm it all depends on a lot of factors. Woman are looking for an attractive, NICE guy. So I'd hit up the gym. The more you hit up the gym the more women will take a second glance at you -- sad to say but girls and guys are as shallow as a puddle :P not all but MOST its human nature.

    Become confident and when you get a muscley, confident, then start socializing OR start socializing right away now as you are. You will meet the right girl but you have to find ways to socialize like: online dating site, college classroom, work, Meetup. com (join a meet up group), the gym, a coffee shop.. just know that the dating world is harsh some people you will encounter are already attached so you may meet a super cute girl but she's already taken... so you'll have to do a hit and miss thing.


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  • Join online dating. Your best bet for practice.

    Check with a matchmaker

    Get some books on it.


    Ask friends.

    Go ask these guys...




    Read this...


    If all else fails, save up some $, go to Amsterdam. For 50 Euros you can choose from hundreds of gals. Spend a week there and you will get lots of experience.


    When you find a gal, treat her respectfully and lovingly. Hopefully she will reciprocate

    Good luck!

  • Lol... stop saying "he". I know you are talking about yourself! And here is a word of advice:

    You will end up alone if you don't at least try to chat up women.

    I'm not trying to be an ass here, but women, especially the good looking ones, only find a man interesting if he has "status". What does status mean?

    -If you go to a bar and you are friends with a lot of people there. That is status.

    -If you are an athlete/celeb with tons of followers/fans. That is status.

    -A man that has female friends, especially attractive ones. That is status.

    If you have that, many women will be clamoring to talk to you. If you are just an average Joe, good job, nice place and a car... they won't talk to you (unless you have a lambo or some super car at your disposal).

    If you want women to take notice of you, you have to take the initiative. It sucks, but it's true. I learned this the hard way.

    • Then why are most people in the world not alone

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    • I go for cold approach. Least risk. If it goes wrong no one has to know and you never have to see them again.

    • Lol... a woman disagreed with me.

      Here is a man who faked status and look what happened:


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