Does she like me or I am delusional?

there's this girl who's always staring and smiling to me who came up to me asked me about my name and held hands and didn't want to let go of my hand who's teasing e saying how i forgot her name am i dlusional or is there solething?


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  • She definitely likes you, that's not even up for discussion. If you like her too, don't be afraid to take a step.

    • i like her i found her really cute but i am a reaaly shy guy ><

    • Well, if you're interested in her, you can't let shyness get in the way. Take things slow, whenever she plays with you, play back, smile back, help her out with something... those little things are going to let her know that you like her too. Things will happen naturally from there, don't worry.

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  • To me it sounds like she does like you but there has to be more than just that.. so try to get to know her better start smiling at her, ask her how her day was.. be subtle yet dnt scare her away


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