Advice: First time alone on a date?

Now that I got your attention I'd like to ask for some advice. I've been dating this girl for about a year now. We're both 14 and in our freshmen year of HighSchool. We've had movie nights at each others houses except we had another couple with us. So Farther in the future we go to our homecoming dance and have our first kiss. I'm going out to a movie with her (alone). Any advice?


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  • Just be a gentleman and treat her well. Try to relax so you get to show her more of your personality, because boys are usually different when a friend is around.


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  • Main rule: HAVE FUN.

    It may sound cheesy, corny, basic and all but so is dating when you think about it. Literally be yourself, talk like you're with your friends but less vulgar (not as rude). Be a more gentle with her than you would with your guy friends, unless she decks you, then its game on and you tackle her, k? (joking, gahd ^.^ you dont tackle a woman, ever! They tend to have older brothers and it is just wrong).

    You dont have to put your arm around her, its cute but quite cheesy, although it is probably going to be expected. Enjoy the movie and talk to her after. Make her feel comfortable while watching the movie. Dont like interrupt the movie/talk through the movie all the time, i mean, you came to watch a movie so watch it ^.^
    Dont feel afraid to laugh, because the chances are, she is - no one likes their own laugh - and she can relax more without the pressure of holding back the laugh.
    After the film, talk to her, it doesn't have to be about the film, it could be anything.

    - no one likes it when someone talks too greatly of themselves. If someone is always big headed about themselves, you get a little put off, sure you can talk about yourself, but try and learn more about her, seem interested, even if you really arent. Ask her how her day has been, what she has done - the basic things, then add some different questions, possibly film related.

    LISTEN. dont seem bored. She will feel uncomfortable and stop talking.

    Use words like: stunning, gorgeous, amazing, beautiful. Compliment her eyes, how gorgeous they look, tell her how you feel, how cute her giggle is, how pretty her smile is, how great her hair looks (to you, her hair might seem to take a few minutes but actually took an hour).

    DONT OVER USE COMPLIMENTS! They become cheap and have less effect - they could even seem sarcastic.

    Hope its not too much, its Just what I think. Good luck!