Am I just a friend to him? Or does he possibly like me as more?

A guy that I went to elementary school with liked my photos on my. Social media and told me I'm beautiful on one of my status... slowly gradually he began messaging me and we made plans to hang out and he wrote to me that he couldn't wait to see me. In elementary school we barely spoke lol so I found this to be very random. We went out to dinner and he invites me out with his friends to events. He always asks me if I'm having fun or if I'm ok lol. He has even asked me what I like doing for fun and what kind of music I like.

Does he like me as more than a friend?

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We recently went to a party together and. He asks. Me to come in the pictures as well


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  • That sounds like how I have acted before. If you see him as being genuine when he asks your thought / opinions, then I would venture to say he does actually enjoy hanging out with you, and yes, he is attracted to you. But if he is anything like me, he is not pursuing an agenda - That is, he is not pretending to enjoy hanging out as friends only so he can get somewhere with you. When I have been in that situation, I have be real with her at all times and not actively tried to make a romantic moment happen, just enjoyed her company until romance floated its way to the surface. Thats how love is supposed to happen. I'm jealous. Count yourself lucky, Sweetheart. I'm glad for you.

    • So u think he sees me as more than a friend?

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    • That's a definite sign. He likes you, and wants you to know it, but is too scared to come right out with it.

    • We texted each other yesterday and I told him I have a Christmas present. For him but he hasn't replied since... do u think he's shy? Or do u think he doesn't see me in that way?

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  • @Asker
    From the information you've provided above, I would say that he is attracted to you and likes you more than just a friend. If you're eager to find out, there's no harm in asking him out on a relaxed coffee date and posing the question :-)


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  • Yes, LibraLady, I can see a strong connection here between the both of you and with nursing and nurturing this newfound relationship of dating, I would have to call it, there could be more Room down the row for a ripe ol romance that in time could very well be reaped.
    And with complimenting and commenting on your pix and all, asking you thoughtfully if you're 'ok and if you are having fun,' he also is considerate and kind enough of a gentleman to ask you what you are into.
    In all honesty, this one may be a keeper.
    Good luck. xx

    • He asked me to take a picture together and took one of me as well, plus he is very watchful of me - asking me if I'm ok, etc... do u think he sees me as more than a friend?

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    • lol.. You are looking good in my book here, dear, no fear.. it looks like a potential down the way.:)) xxoo

    • My answer still stands, sweetie... yes, he appears to like you for more than a friend... be cool for now and see what is next in store...

  • When someone makes a move, they MORE than likely like you.

  • It sounds like he wants to reconnect and get to know you more!! It sounds really obvious

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