What are signs that a guy is simply not worth your time, effort or self blame?

A lot of the time when dating, I screw up and end up getting the guy to loose interest. Because I call him and show him interest. But what are the signs that the guy is simply awful relationship material and that I'm better off without him.

I'm not talking he's just not into you. I'm talking bad.


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  • Well there's the obvious:

    Doesn't care of himself
    Financially unstable-unemployed
    Lives with family out of necessity and has been for some time

    Just to name of few.

    Then there's:

    Bad attitude and or outlook on life
    Extreme Vanity
    Lack of compassion-especially for animals
    Always late
    Always on his phone-unless he's an ER surgeon, a detective, or something like that, then steer clear.
    And I mean specifically on a date or when he should be paying you attention.

    Reckless behavior-driving habits, over-reactions to situations in public
    Rude-to waitresses, you, your friends and just anyone in general
    Sarcastic to a fault-I don't care for sarcasm, it's okay when used like a spice, but as a crutch it's a turn-off
    Inconsiderate-doesn't care for the comfort of you or others
    Super dry sense of humor or lack thereof-I don't think there's anything worse

    That'll do ya for now.


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  • "getting the guy to loose interest. Because I call him and show him interest. "
    I can tell you right now.
    That is not a reason for a guy to lose interest. If they weren't really interested or you excessively called them (acting needy). That is reason for a guy to lose interest. Or if you talked and you two didn't hit it off. That is a reason to lose interest.

    But if an interesting girl calls me on the phone and I have a good convo with her. When we hang up, I did not at all lose interest in her.

    • I'm just saying, keep in mind that it's not bad to call and talk to someone you like. Pursuing a guy is not a bad thing nor a turn off

    • But yes, to know if he's relationship material you need to talk to him and get to know him

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