If a guy you're seeing is jealous does it mean he really likes you?

I've been seeing this guy for a while and he asked me the other day who I am texting and if I'm seeing other people when I told him he could not see my texts he got jealous. Does that mean he really likes me?


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  • Yes, that means he really likes you. But it also means he's worried about where he stands in your life. If he see's you're texting other guys (even if they are just friends to you) he will begin to worry that you lost interest in him and are looking for someone else. Unless you guys 100% trust each other, he is going to worry whenever you come in contact with another man.

    My advice to you would be to actually tell him who you're texting, and if it is another man, explain who he is and why you're texting him (old friend, work related, etc.). You don't actually have to let him see the texts, but just give the poor guy a break and let him know you're not interested romantically in someone else, before he does something stupid.

    • The situation is kind of complicated. We dated a bit before he moved to another province and then we agreed not to do long distance. He was just visiting and stayed with me for a week. I'm not sure if he sees me as dating material or just hookup. So I'm cofused

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  • Not really just means he probably has control issues

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