Ever dated a bad texter... but in person, they're great?

I despise texting. It lacks tone, emotions, facial expressions, gestures, body language, eye contact... all of the stuff that makes even the most basic conversation enjoyable in real life. I use a lot of facial expressions, sarcasm, undertones, and gestures when I talk in person, but when it comes to texting I'm boring as shit.

But how does it feel on the other end? Anyone deal with a bad texter and hate it?


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  • Yeah I agree and you can't express yourself well over a text because of that. Maybe you need like a topics list or something lol. I dated this guy that was the most boring guy to text it was "how are you" "what's new" "oh" & "cool" all the time but it person, he was funny and funny to be around.

    • I've actually wrote stuff down I wanted to talk about before, so that I wouldn't forget... But it ends up hurting more than it helps, because then I run out of stuff to talk about in person lol *sigh*

    • ahh that sucks you it's like you can't ever find a balance. :0

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  • I've dealt with bad texters... but as I got to know them I learned to adjust to their "texting style" and not take it so personally.

  • I find it extremely frustrating because I want to get something arranged (like our next date!) and if they aren't chatty or take a long time to respond, it takes forever and makes me feel a bit insecure that I'm annoying them.

    • So why don't you just get straight to the point and ask them? I would prefer someone just sending me a text saying "Hey let's plan a date" instead of initiating small talk

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    • Yup, it did ;) Then there was a really long stretch (over a week) of no texts and then she apologized for not responding sooner, PS you're dumped.

    • Ah man lol

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  • That would describe me I barely text at all.