Is my boyfriend cheating on me with someone else?

For the past week since my bf got his 2nd job he's been pulling back. He hasn't called me or texted me in a week. And instead of seeing him 5 times a week I have only seen him 1 time and he was really tired but what upsets me is when i kissed his cheek i thought i smelt warm vanilla perfume on his neck. He wears old spice and his mom wears moonlight path (i got her some for her birthday) am i paranoid or do i have grounds to be suspicious?

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Okay last night he forgot his ID badge and needed me to bring it to him so I did. What I found out was that his new floor manager was a man. but a employee's/ his co-worker's comment makes me upset. He said that there was a girl that works next to my bf and she flirts with him non-stop but when I asked if my bf ever flirted back the guy just gave me a sad look before my bf came over and took the badge and once again he smelt like perfume.


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  • That does seem a little off. Maybe you should check him out without him knowing


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  • As he has got new job, he must be trying to adjust new environment there. He must be having some problem getting Mr. Right and working efficiently to prove himself. Help him to get adjusted in new job, support him mentally and you will be getting many surprises full of love and trust.


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  • You should ask him. Its best to ask directly without going behind his back and breaking his trust, If he loves you, then Im sure that he isn't cheating.
    I do have 2 theories why he might have another perfume on him if he didn't cheated on you.
    1st. If this second job has a female co worker or boss, then maybe their perfume is that strong without having to get close to your boyfriend.
    2nd. Maybe a female went up to him and be all touchy like but he rejected her and pushed her away
    Im really sorry if this doesn't help

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