How do you feel when you see a 40 year old man on a date with a 20 something?

I personally don't allow age to affect my opinion or level of attraction towards a woman. If we have chemistry, we have it. I enjoy dating women my age because they are more confident and knowledgeable sexually. They know how to receive and give pleasure better. I enjoy dating women younger because they aren't looking for Mr. Right, yet. It is a great pleasure showing a 20 something how good sex really can be...not just humping till you sweat then fall asleep. At any rate, when I am out with a 20ish date people look at us funny, sometimes. Is it that big of a deal.

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  • i really think age only adds to your experience, charisma and wisdom (in most cases). not every older guy has got more money, and is perverted. if a womans attractive, she's attractive.


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  • I promptly walk up to the 40 year old dude, whip out a pen and paper, and then ask him for pointers :P

    • Haha yes me too

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    • Here's the thing, even I am unsure about the 19 year old. It seems odd but I can't say why exactly. It isn't that she is that much younger. She is an adult woman. If she chose, she could join the military and risk her life in defense of the country but she can't date someone who is at the maturity level to which she is attracted? Beauty aside, if she didn't have the personality I enjoy I wouldn't consider it; I have plenty of options. We are both students and have a lot of common areas, not age.

    • I am 19 and dating a 40 year old. I get along better with older guys because guys my age often seem to be intimidated by me. I also enjoy someone who is more confident and can teach me things, which I don't often find with people my age as I tend to be smarter than most. I like the more experienced worldly guys, who share my interest in politics, conflicts, international law, literature and art. I say try it out, if you can talk to them like a peer rather than superior then go for it.

  • I saw a really old man (probably 70+) on a date with two girls who both looked younger than 30 once, and I thought "He's a rich pimp!" I thought it was pretty cool.

  • Its a big deal to some.. I say it ain't, because love dnt know age, race, class or any of that crap!

  • I would probably think she's your daughter...

    But hey, if you can get'em, good for you!

  • You have officially reached Jesus level (Well not really but close). How the hell do you do that. You must be a master at this stuff. Oh teach me great sensei.

    • I know this sound like bullsh*t but I don't date as a sport. I just connect with a lot of people.

      People generally disarmed around me. I can't tell you how many women have said, "I can't believe we just met. I've told you things I've never told anyone." If you are real women sense it; the good and the bad. With me, what you see is what you get; most of it is good.

    • That's cool you sound like a good man.