A confused ass chick about guy troubles?

Ok so I know this is gonna be kinda long so let's start. I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 months and after we broke up he said he wanted to stay friends and see what goes on from there so we just talked like our normals chats n stuff and then like a month passed and some drama happens because that's just the way he is and I sent him a message about one of his friends saying something about him I over heard him talking with my cousin cause they're dating and I guess he didn't like it and he got mad at me for it and he just started acting all blunt with me and irritated and he just said "Night" and "Take Care" and every time he says take care that means that he isn't gonna talk to me now most times when he says it I try to make him tell me what's wrong and I usually do but this time nope he just literally stopped messaging me now for 2 days and I messaged him, I snapchatted him, I sent him a message on Instagram just wanting to know why he actually stopped messaging me and if he is gonna stop for ever and he only replied to my Instagram message and the snapchat message but he didn't even text me and then I messages him again asking him if he's seriously done talking to me forever and he was like "I never said that" and when I asked him why he stopped message me AGAIN! He just said "idk" and another message that said "I do that too people" and another one saying "sorry" which he's never done to anybody so just wondering if anybody knows what he's trying to do and if he's literally gonna stop talking to me for like ever? or what should I know about guys like him?


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  • he is confused too.


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  • You need to use more punctuation marks (full stops) at the end of your sentences. Your paragragh is too difficult to interpret. Anyway, he sounds mad at you or he's not willing to talk to you.

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