Life as the only single friend... help?

I am almost 21 and all my friends are now in committed relationships. As a result they never want to go out anymore which is problematic for me who is not in a committed relationship and wants to go out, have fun and meet people. Therefore I have 2 questions.

1) How do I go about widening my social circle to have more friends to go out with?

2) What are your best tips for getting a boyfriend?


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  • Don't worry about finding the right guy, just keep in mind that he could be around and keep your eyes open. Next, do things you like in life and pursue them. You'll meet people along the way. Take up new hobbies/sports or anything, joining clubs and stuff will quickly widen your social circle. If people invite you to stuff, go and check it out. You never know whom you might meet :).

    Good luck, and have fun

  • Get out more often. The right guy will eventually come along. Even though friends are busy, don't let this stop you from going out there and having a good time and possibly meeting the guy. And make sure when you're with a guy you're interested in, listen in, and enjoy yourself. Hope this helps!


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