He told me I am too good for him!?

So I've been dating this guy for almost 2 years now and we had our ups and downs. We are totally different when it comes to career wise. His a truck driver and I am a student seeking my Master's. Even though we have different career paths, we have great chemistry and I am madly in love with him. He gives me anything I ask him and I can always depend on him in case anything happens.

The problem is that I am a virgin and I dont want to have sex until I get married. Thats the way I've been raised. He was with me this whole time, but he says that his a sex freak. We've had a couple of incidents where we almost had sex and I pushed him away cuz I truly didn't wanna have sex. Its not that u dont love him or anything, its just that I decided to save myself for marriage. I know he understands that I wanna wait, but sometimes he makes me feel selfish because I can't give him the satisfaction he needs. But I also get the feeling of why he can't wait for me?

The other day, we got into a huge argument because he really wanted to have sex and I kinda pushed him away. Several days passed and he told me that we needed to be realistic because I couldnt give him what he wants. He also said I was sweet and smart and that I was too good for him and would maybe be better off if I dated guys at my level? He also said he needs to get himself together.

I am completely torn apart, this is the only guy in my life that I can depend on. I feel like his the only one I could feel comfortable with. Is he breaking up with me? He says he still loves me and misses me. Do you guys think I should give him space? What do you think? What should I do? I don't think I can move on.


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  • You are very different in many important ways. Not having sex is something he probably just doesn't understand, but that's only one aspect of your differences.

    I doubt you would be compatible in the long term, and he seems to think that as well. So maybe it's for the best.

    I know it's hard to admit that, but think about it... could you really get along together with such different life goals and lifestyles?

    • I guess that makes sense. Our life goals are so different, but I keep thinking to myself that maybe we will come to a mutual ground? Who am I kidding right? Its so difficult.

    • I think the sooner you bail, the easier it will be for both of you.

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  • He might be going all in and hoping this will make you feel bad to the point that you decide to have sex with him to make him "happy" again. If I were you Id just cut the connection right away. I mean you're a girl with a good education and what not he should be the one doing everything to keep you not the other way around. If sex is so important to him then he should consider a prostitute rather than a girlfriend.

    • This whole time I was chasing him around and thinking that maybe he might accept and want me for who I am not what he wants me to be. I guess its difficult to move on from someone who've been with this long?

    • Listen you're a girl. you're always gonna be the final vote. You're gonna have 100 times more gusy chasing after you than guys will have girls chasing after them. So don't think you have to settle with someone you aren't 100% happy with.

  • Seems like he knows there's no long term for you two. You view sex differently, you want different things out of life.


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