She clearly likes me, but our dates never get to happen?

So this girl I went to high school with (never talked to her once) messaged me on Facebook about 3 weeks ago. I immediately could tell she had an interest in me, so after about a week of talking/flirting on Facebook I asked for her number. Then a week after that I asked if she would like to go out on a date to a scary movie (she apparently loves scary movies), she said yes. The night before we were supposed to go out I asked if we were still on for tomorrow, she then proceeds to tell me that her boss put her on work tomorrow and she can't go out with me. I told her its ok then asked her well what days would work best for you she told me Wednesday (a week later) so I said ok then its a date? and she seemed genuinely excited about it. That Friday was Halloween and I was telling her she should come over to my house because we get like 800 trick or treaters and she would have to see it. She ends up coming over an hour later when everything is pretty much dead and she brought a friend because she doesn't have a car yet, but that's not the problem. I asked if they just wanted to walk around my neighborhood and they both agreed, before we could even get around the block she gets a call from her dad telling her she needs to come home & I was disappointed of course because that was the first time I had seen her in person. After she left I texted her about an hour later & said sorry we couldn't do anything tonight, and somehow 3 hours later we were still talking & she tells me that she had a crush on me in high school. Over the next 2 days she sends good morning texts which is awesome but then two days of silence, then all of the sudden its Wednesday the day of our date. I told her I'm about to leave what's your address she sends back I can't leave until my dad gets home because I can't leave my 8 yo sister home alone (never got to go on our date). Later that night she posts on Facebook having dinner with my bestie, I guess her dad finally got home... I'm really confused

  • Is she not interested?
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  • Did her dad purposely ruin it? (He knew about the date)
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  • Or is this just bad luck?
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  • Or does she want to continue to live in her fantasy?
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I asked her when her dad finally got home which was 11 at night, turns out her girl friend came over unexpectedly & brought her dinner as a surprise for her being trapped at home. I also asked if I could just come over to her place to watch some Netflix, but she can't have guys over. I told her not to feel bad about having to cancel twice, I then proceeded to tell her just tell me when you have some free time, I don't want to pressure you into anything.

I'm not texting her until she texts me


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  • I think she wants to keep whatever vision she had of you back in HS. Reality will spoil her memories.

    And she;s really shy and maybe socially awkward... I bet you're not the only guy that gets this treatment from her.

    • I can definitely see this as possible. For now I'm not going to talk to her until she initiates anything (conversation, free time, etc.). And if she just wants to keep it like it is now that's okay but I'm no longer going to pursue her.

      *One thing that does confuse me though is that she insisted on coming over on Halloween night even though I had told her it was pretty much dead, and she brought her friend so things couldn't happen (and also because she doesn't have a car and was at her friends house before leaving).

      Why did she want to see me then? Everything would make sense except for this.

    • Maybe because she was going to be at her friend's place nearby, and her friend woud be with her, so she wouldn't be alone