Is it bad that I won't chase a girl and move on if she isn't transparent?

I don't like chasing women but it seems like you have to or you just get the desperate ones.

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  • chasing is always necessary

    • Can I ask why?

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    • That's a vague answer

    • a vague but meaningful one

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What Girls Said 2

  • Ugh, I hate being chased. Absolutely hate it, usually if a guy is chasing, its because I don't like him, if I did, he wouldn't be sitting there getting the run around, games are just so preschool. I feel like im being stalked when a guy I don't like won't leave me alone. I tell a guy I don't want to date.. so he buys me movie tickets.. or jewelry.. or sets up some enormous weird birthday party for me.. ugh..(which I conveniently can't make)..

  • I freaking love it so much bc then I'll know the guy is interested I hate mind games it all waste of time and effort if I like the girl tell her you like her if doesn't like then dis her lol


What Guys Said 1

  • Chasing is only possible if someone's is running away. Build attraction and don't over do it. It's a very delicate balance. For example, contact once and wait until she responds. If u keep doing it, you're giving her too much power and can come off desperate ad controling/impatient.

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