How do I get a senior?

So I'm a freshman, and the boys in my grade are all so immature and ugly. Most of the time i hang out with my friends from an other school on the other side of the street, they are older then me, 15,16, and one of them just became 17. I don't look like a freshman though. So my question is, how do i get the attention of a senior as a freshman?


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  • In what way do you not look like a freshman?

    • I'm 1m74,5 cm with very long legs and a mature face. Everyone who meets me for the 1st time thinks i'm 17 or something...

    • Okay! Give it a shot!

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  • Not in any way that's going to matter in 73 years.


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  • You want the sad but true answer? Give up the V! Older guys are all going to want in your pants. You're better off with a younger shy guy who will be scared to make moves on you.

    • Ok, let's say if i just want their attention like to be friends? What do I do then?

    • Act like you're one of the guys. Make it clear you don't want to date.

    • I already only hang aroud with boys, bc i'm into gaming and shit. But that's only for the guys in the other school. The guys i want attention from are like hipsters. But i already dress like a hipster. I need a way to TALK to them 1st

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