She refuse me but why?

I liked that girl who work near my home I saw her before a month I ask her about something in her shop and she was so friendly and easy to talk and she's so beautiful I was think about her for 2 weeks so I deside to buy some flower for her and give to her personaly I went there she wasn't there I left the flower in her shop with my no I wait for a week but still no call I deside to call her shop I talk to her first hi but after that she said what u want? I felt strange I said I like u and I would be happy if u accept me as friend she said no sorry I dont choose my friends in that way I want tell her kis my ass but wasn't in mood to argue then I asked her is that ur last choise she said absolutely yes now what wrong I did or she is wrong? But I surprised she was 18 only she look 25!


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  • I am not sure why she seem irritated but i think its nice you sent her flowers but (with your number) that might be little degrading to the girl if she is too sensitive or at least that's the case in some eastern cultures. You had to send the flowers with a complement and your name that's it and its even better to go and talk to her and try to build up something before to buy flowers.

    • She wasn't there to talk to her

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