Are we ignoring eachother or is he just not interested?

I haven't seen this guy in three weeks.
I've been seeing him for half a year... He used to always come over on a weekly basis since April. We just hang out and have sex, nothing serious. But lately I feel like we're playing games.

We tried to hang out twice since. First time he flopped at last min because "stuff came up". He said he felt really bad, and it was the first time he did. Second time, I was already busy.

I invited him to a few Halloween parties with me, but he said he had work (he works early morning hours 6 days a week), or he just didn't get back to me about. So it seemed like he wasn't interested in going out with me.

Last Thursday he texted me asking how the party the other night went. I replied nicely saying it was great but that it got really crowded. He replied: "Sounds like a great time, better too busy than quiet". I never replied. What was I supposed to say to that?

He hasn't texted me since last (week) Thursday which is weird. He complimented my smile in one of my new Facebook pictures last weekend which he's never done before. I replied to his comment.

But I haven't heard from him since. He still views all my snapchat stories which doesn't mean much. I know I've been acting a little more distant too because I feel like he should be making an effort to keep me... So, I'm not sure if I should just move on, or if he's thinking I'm no longer interested in him?


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  • you have to look at it from his point, you've not made any effort to keep him. try texting him and making plans.