Having a hard time getting replies from young women through email/messages etc?

seem to have this problem either on dating sites or like Facebook where I'm having a hard time getting any replies from younger women say like in there 20's. of course the ones on dating sites I don't know from real life so maybe not a huge surprise there but even ones I know from real life getting anyone to write back these days in getting tough. I remember it used to be easier and less of an issue but seems a lot harder now days. not sure if its the trend for people to do this or if its just me , I'm not really sure , could it be my profile or is it what I'm sending them?


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  • Get off the computer and start meeting girls in public. It is a lot more effective.

    • yeah true but some of these girls were ones I had meet in public and then I was trying to create some communication online and couldn't seem to , they'd talk to me at bar or pub but not online