How to approach my crush?

So here's my problem:
I'm currently in high school and have a huge crush on this girl. We are both classmates but we have no classes together. I have never speaken to her. I'd like to go talk to her, but she always seems to be with her friends during breaks and since I'm kind of a shy guy, I don't feel comfortable with talking to her in front of her whole friend group. So if anyone could tell me how and where I should try to approach her and what to say to her, I would really appreciate it:)

Here's some things about me
-I'm more of a Introvert than an extrovert
-I consider myself to be a decent looking guy
-I play the guitar
-I love movies and music


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  • Giver her your email and tell her to write you. Also ask for hers. Ask her out on a date. If she rejects the date she would reject the confession. After 2 or 3 dates confess if you feel it is right.

    If you want it f2f, go up to her and ask if you can speak to her alone.

    Good luck!

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