Asked a girl out/hangout and she said yes what are some good tips to know and plan for?

I mostly go to bars, clubs, parties and not much on dates anything to keep in mind?

And how long does most average dates usually lasts?


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  • take her out to dinner for a couple of hours


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  • Play it by ear. Don't fudging micromanage the date. It is not an assembly line job. If you must, lots of books on it.

    Nice name, 'Virtuous' = moral excellence, ethical, righteous. Reminds us that 'just as a life of virtue yields its rewards, a life of vice yields its punishments.' When it comes time to love your girl are you going to choke her, pull her hair, ream her ass out, swear at her and smack her around?

    Remember your screen virtuous when it comes time for sex... that I my advice for you.

    • Thanks I put that as my username because it was used in a random conversation.

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