Who was in the wrong?

I was kind of rude to this guy because he was a clingy texter and because of personal things in my life i acted rude to him. I pushed his buttons and he said mean things to me and i said mean things back. He said ''i never wanted you like that'' in other words... and i took advantage of you after i told him that even he was the most famoust richest man in life i would never want him. He was kind of arrogant and Always wanted me to give him attention or... i dont know he was kinda passive aggresive too (wanted to take the woman the lead) which annoyed me too. I blocked him and he never even tried calling anymore. Who was in the wrong? We made out a lot but never had actual sex,... i guess he found it somewhere else


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  • It takes two to tango. By the sounds of it if you'd have stayed together you probably would have ended up on Jerry Springer lol


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  • I think both of you are wrong. If it really bothers you, you should call or text him. Apologize, tell him you didn't mean it. If he's moved on, try somewhere else. There's someone out there who deserves your love.
    Good luck,

    • Agree with you. In big fights usually both people get out of control & away from who they usually are.

      Hope it all works out.