What exactly are we and does he actually like me?

This guy I've known him for a month now. At first he kept telling me he doesn't do relationships cause it never works he only hooks up. and told me about a lot of his exes and how he's hurt and stuff. anyways we got super close, we talk a lot and about everything! And i guess now everytime we alone and together we makeout nothing more though jus intense make out sessions. He introduced me to his bestfriends and i always go out with them and he wants to know who my bestfriends are. This one i was leaving and he came and said hi to my mom. he calls me and texts me all the time to hang out. its not always to just make out. the other day we went out with his friends and he was cuddling with me infront of them. Im kinda confused are we like friends with benifits? I think he likes me and i like him too but were not exactly in a relationship?


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  • friends with benefits is a relationship too. but if its nt you want and you want a relationship with all the labels and stuff.. you better stop now before it gets too deep and you end up disappointed.


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