Is this guy interested/should I ask him out?

I recently gave this guy my number (via my coworker because my schedule got switched and I no longer saw him) and he texted me yesterday. I want to ask him out, but i'm not sure if he's interested or how to ask him out. What do I do?


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  • Not knowing if the person is interested is part of the struggle. It's impossible to always be able to tell, so it seems like you'll have to take a risk in asking him out. Of course, you could try using a mutual friend to "test the waters" and see what the guy thinks of you before you make a move.

    • That method makes it pretty obvious that someone is at the least interested in the other person, that could actually work with asking a friend to poke and prod with queations.

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  • What did he text you? Just ask if he wants to meet for lunch sometime then it's pretty casual and you can gauge his interest in you


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