Will this cheer her up after losing her family member?


So I am in the pursuit of happiness and I find this girl very suitable for it. We are not in relationship. We have just met once but we do see each other on regular basis at work.

She lost her grandma recently which was the reason of cancellation of our second date. She took some time off. She will be back on the work.

All I want to do is leave a simple flower in her bin with a note saying " I know you have gone through a lot recently. I know you have supported your family very well. I don't know the dynamics between you and your grandma but a death can be emotionally drained on a family. All I want to give something beautiful and pure to the lady who deserve it. I just want to remind you about yourself. I hope this sad thing doesn't change you as a person but makes you even stronger woman. So hey, beautiful lady just smile and be happy and I am sure that's what your grandma would have wanted to see you. I am always here if you need me as always.

Is this appropriate?


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  • Aww omg that's so sweet and heart warming, you should do it, I bet it would brighten her day. Great note u wrote. :) Thats so nice of you to take time and think about her, ur a good person. . :)


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  • Awwww that is so adorable. That would surely make me smile.


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