Guys with wrist tattoos? Would you consider it offputting or a turn on?

Hi, Im 25 and have been considering getting my first tattoo on my left inner wrist, approx 1 in by 2 inch of my new born sons name, 'Zac'. It would be a very simple style small enough to be covered by a watch strap. His mum and I have recently split and will be working very amicably moving forward to provide our son with the best upbringing we can possibly provide. We have mutually split and moving forward I'm curious about ladies opinions! As i'm sure you can imagine it is something that I will never regret and Im soo proud of him, I think I will probably get it regardless of what the outcome is however I am curious to ask, especially what the opposite sex' opinion is of wrist tattoos on men, would it be off putting or a turn on? especially it being a boys name, or would you be intrigued to ask further?

The only reason I ask is that someone mentioned to me that it was a more feminine spot to get a tattoo, would many other women see it that way?

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  • I'm sure females who see your tattoo will assume it will be for a sibling or your dad or a child. I think if you want a tattoo you should make your own decision because you'll have to live with it. But personally, wrist tattoos (or tattoos in general) are hot.


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  • It's not like a huge tattoo or anything bizarre. It's sweet to have your son's name on ur wrist

  • I wouldn't do it if I were you, there are other ways to express love than getting someones name permanantly inked on to your body


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