What things do guys do wrong, that are turn offs for girls?

im curios, so if you are going to respond prepare for a lot of follow up questions. i have been alone for as long as i have been alive. so im just wondering what specific reasons girls have for not liking guys. throw any reason out there i dont mind. i am just doing a bit of self evaluation

really only 5 girls with an opinion here?


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  • This is just me, but...

    -Clingy, like texting me every second. If I don't give u a long reply or don't give you a single alphabet it means I wants u to go away.

    -Perverted. Please be classy. Being perverted is so junior high.

    -Crazy and stupid, like drinking all the time - I have this friend who's texted me a few times writing "I'm drunk hahaha come pick me up?" and things like that and I'm just like, THIS is how you get a girl's attention?

    -Looking bad, like wearing a purple shirt and yellow pants

    -Smelling bad

    -Laughing weirdly and/or crazily...

    -Not having any passions/skills and just playing games on ur phone/latptop. It's like... why do you live?

    -Dumb, as in... failing all your classes
    Even if you were acing at least one class that would be ok because it would mean you're at least good at/try hard doing SOMETHING

    -Do bad/illegal/dangerous things, thinking it's cool

    I'm sure there's a lot more, but that's all I've got for now. :)

    • Oh, and bad table manners!

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    • That's all I can think off. seems like you're going fine so far!

    • haha thanks :) well back to the drawing board i guess

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  • Being possessive, clingy, or controlling. Can't stand it! I once dated a guy who would seriously get mad if I spent time with my parents or friends. And I once was talking to a guy - didn't even date him - who freaked out if I ever took more than 3 minutes to respond to a text message. I'm not exaggerating.

    • hmm, well i dont think thats my problem. i dont get angry with my female friends if they dont reply and i certainly understand it when girls or anyone chooses not to hang out with me, so i dont think thats where im going wrong

  • Not a character trait per se, but it's always bothered me when guys drink too much to the point of getting drunk. That's a serious turn off and I've never dated anyone who's been a heavy drinker. That's just me.

    • ahh. well that certainly isn't my problem. i do not drink often. probably one beer a month for me. so i have never even been close to drunk

  • -Guys who are cocky and full of themselves.
    -Being clingy, insecure, and possessive. (I have a majority of male friends, get over it.)
    -Being controlling or thinking that I should have to 'submit' to him in any way. We are EQUALS in the relationship.
    -Guys who have no ambition in life, fail at school, keep losing their jobs.
    -Bad hygiene.
    -known for being a player
    -has children

    • im the opposite of cocky, which im suprised no one has complained about yet.
      i think i would like to receive quite the majority of my partners attention, but i wouldn't expect her life to revolve around me. i would want to talk every day and say good morning and goodnight every time.
      i completely agree with this next point
      i do have an ambition and am studying in uni
      i think my hygiene is just fine :')
      i am in no way a player. and i certainly haven't got any kids hahaha

    • then you sound like you are doing pretty well! haha

      And yeah, I talk to my boyfriend everyday, and we say good morning/goodnight. I only meant that some guys get insecure when their girlfriend has male friends. To me, male and female friends are no different.

  • When they flirt with a girl to get u jealous
    Difficult to read
    can't think of more at the time

    • i can't flirt with anyone haha but i certainly wouldn't use that power for such a dasterdly cause
      yeah im the opposite of cocky
      difficult to read, i suppose i am. could you expand on that for me please?

    • Yeah definitely. For example, you two make eye contact and he doesn't do anything. He doesn't smile or show any face expression.

    • thats me. so what should i do differently instead of nervously looking in the other direction?

  • Jealous, over protective, demanding, controlling and like when my boyfriend doesn't mind farting beside me.

    • jealousy is with everyone, but to different extents. i think i would be moderately jealous as a bf
      i am protective yes, but not to the point of controlling i dont think
      well haha as rude as it is what do you expect him to do? keep it in until he explodes? haha its just a sign of how comfortable he is with you

    • It's not good when you over do it.. hahaha.. but I love him, It just sometimes hate it.

    • over do what? which bit? :)

  • -Brag. Especially about money.
    -Rudeness in any form
    -Burping, farting, etc
    -Bad hygiene
    -Bad breath
    -Being pervy
    -Racism and homophobia
    -Gross eating habits

    • brag, i dont do that. i dont really have th opportunity but if i did i wouldn't
      rude, im not rude, i dont think so anyway
      i do burp, but not proliphically haha
      i think i take good enough care of myself so that im always clean and hygenic
      im not pervy at all, i hate seeing other guys being creepy like that, but i admittedly do joke around about adult stuff, but i never direct it at anyone.
      im not racist or homophobic, but again i do joke about things like that. i like dark humour like that. but i intend it only as a joke.
      i wouldn't know of any gross eating habits

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  • The #1 thing that turns off girls is DESPERATION. They can smell the stink of desperation on you a mile away, and their vaginas dry right up. On the other hand, most girls find CONFIDENCE very attractive, often even more than looks.

    James Bond is a fictional character, of course, but he's still instructive. While he didn't ALWAYS get the girl, he usually did, but more importantly, he never seemed to particularly care if he did or didn't, and that ability to show desire WITHOUT letting himself be hurt or even bothered if he got rejected is what made him attractive. THAT is CONFIDENCE - not caring what others think about you. Of course, Bond *did* care what a small handful of people thought of him, but those were people he respected. Everyone else could kiss his ass.

    Of COURSE confidence isn't the ONLY thing girls want, but it's the #1 thing for most, even if they don't realize it.

    Also, part of that confidence is that they want their guy to be a MAN. They want the man to TAKE CHARGE of the situation, and MAKE THE DECISIONS. Girls mostly don't WANT to make the decisions - that's work and hassle to them, and most would rather do what YOU want rather than have to decide themselves, even if that means the end up doing what THEY want. Ideally, girls would like YOU to decide, but do so while taking their wants and needs into account (which means you need to get to know them well).

    Finally, do NOT act desperate for sex. Instead, in your head, pretend that you KNOW you're going to get laid at the end of the night, so that sex is no longer anything you need to worry about, and then PUT IT OUT OF YOUR MIND. That will let you approach girls as PEOPLE instead of sex objects, and will let you ask them out, and then go on a date, without seeming desperate for sex and turning the girl off. Let her wonder WHY you aren't being overtly sexual, and perhaps let her TRY to get you interested, before you finally show some interest. That makes you INTERESTING.

    • confidence, yes we all know confidence is the deal maker. desperation, im not sure how that would convey. thats a good point about 007 :') but im not looking for reasons why i haven't had one night stands. im wondering why i have never been rendered boyfriend material at all. still though a very interesting response. thank you :)

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    • Definitely.

      STOP caring about rejection, or about getting sex. If you need to, start by ASSUMING you're always going to get a "no", so that you're no longer nervous - if you know it's hopeless, then you have no hope to be dashed, right? Whatever you need to do so that you can treat an attractive girl like any regular person, and just have fun with her at first. Once she is obviously enjoying your company, TELL her (don't ask her) that you're enjoying her company, and that you're going to take her out that Friday/Saturday/whatever. Tell her what you're going to do together (make it cheap/free and public) and why it's going to be fun.

      Most girls, if they are single, will accept. By having the confidence to TELL them instead of ask them, you've just separated yourself from 99% of the guys she meets, and now she's intrigued. Then, on the date, continue making the decisions. She will like that 95+% of the time.

    • wow thats really clever. what an intelligent fellow! thank you :)