I'm beyond confused. What does it mean when your BF says he loves you, gives you the key to his house then says he needs me time?

Been dating a guy for 5 months. Mind you we have both been married before so I'm a little rusty at this dating thing. For the last several months he has asked me to stay at his place on the weeks that we have no kids. So I have been. The other morning when he left for work he kissed me said I love you which he has never said before and left. It's really the only time he has said it out loud he texts it sometimes. Then a week later he gives me a key to his house. It wasn't like an extra set he had lying around he went and had it made just for me. Towards the end of the week he begins to pull away becomes moody his kisses are short pecks sex pretty much is off the table. He says he knows he is being distant and it's just stuff at work but today he says. I haven't been in a relationship in over two years and I haven't been alone in three weeks I need some me time. I don't know how to take this, he wouldn't let me give my key back. Am I reading to much into this? Should I be worried or just relax cause it's a guy thing? What's the guy rule on when to text or should I just wait for him to text me? Seeking to understand this dating game and men.


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  • His feelings and his trust to you has basically (borrowing an idea from games here) "leveled up".

    On his new "level", his heart is finding that this level of vulnerability, love, and trust is difficult and scary. He has withdrawn a little as a result. Take it easy and let him get the hang of it. Hell come back out of the shell when he realizes the "level" isn't that bad.


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